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Super Sour Diesel

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This Sativa marijuana strain, also known as “Super Sour” and “Super Diesel,” was created by crossing Super Silver Haze with Sour Diesel. It is a Sativa marijuana hybrid. Stress and discomfort are relieved, while creativity and euphoria are stimulated. Invigorating, Super Sour Diesel is perfect for daytime usage or mingling with friends. Due to its potency, Super Sour Diesel should only be used by individuals with a high THC tolerance, since it is known to generate powerful cerebral effects that may overwhelm a novice user. When smoked, Super Sour Diesel has a strong odor and tastes like gasoline.

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Energizing, We offer some of the finest weed delivery Halifax in Canada for the medical use of marijuana. Professional laboratory tests have determined our weed to be safe and free from toxins, residues, and germs.


Cannabaceae Sativa is one of the most popular species, and for good reason: It may make you feel like a creative genius and increase your attention. Sativas, on the other hand, generate a head high that’s suitable for social situations and may even give you a surge of energy when it comes to physical activity. If you look at the leaves of sativa plants, they are longer and thinner, which may make you think you should learn to play the piano.



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