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Black Bubba

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Bubba Kush and Black Russian were crossed to create Black Bubba, an indica-dominant hybrid. The resulting buds have a sweet scent with mild fruit undertones and earthy hash and pine tastes. The indica effects are known to alleviate body discomfort, boost appetite, and sedate the body into a condition of couchlock.

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The Black Bubba high begins with a relaxing elevated impact that leaves you feeling extremely pleased and ecstatic, as well as creatively inspired. As the high intensifies, you’ll feel a creeping body buzz that doesn’t numb you, but rather relieves you of any physical discomfort. No matter how you were feeling before you started smoking, you’ll be put into a pleasant, completely relaxed condition. Chronic stress, migraines or tension headaches, appetite loss, inflammation, and muscle spasms are all issues that Black Bubba can help with. The aroma of Black Bubba is a strong earthy pine with a pungency that comes out as the nugs are split apart.


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